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Dog friendly self catering accommodation in the UK

Dog friendly self catering accommodation in the UK

The United Kingdom is a nation of pet lovers and more importantly a nation of devoted dog lovers.
At some stage in life I have either looked after or owned many dogs from Heinz 57 breeds right the way through to pedigree Dobermans. Our whole lives revolve around our animals actually if you’re a dog lover like me then in fact they are more like children.

Many years ago it was almost frowned upon to own a dog, to take a dog out for a walk, to take a dog into a shop and almost completely unnatural to even want to take a dog or your family pet on holiday with you.
But look around you now and you almost cannot walk down any street or alongside any beach anywhere in the British Isles without seeing a well-behaved and well mannered dog on a lead with its owners.

Dog friendly self catering accommodation in the UK

Dog friendly self catering accommodation in the UK

So it’s really encouraging to now feel that as pet owners we are able to take our animals on holiday with us as well. Unless you really want to have a holiday abroad with your animals it can be expensive when flying to take your dogs abroad on holiday with you. This is why many dog owners preferred to find a house, a cottage or an apartment in the UK to take their summer holidays or any other holiday for that matter of fact.

There are a few hotels that will accept dogs but normally for health and safety reasons for example where food is being served in restaurants etc. then it is rarely that it is is possible and not normally the norm.

At Beaches and Sea we have recognised the growing trend of our clients who need to book a holiday and take their pets and animals with them. Our website is continually going through growth and change as we recognise trends and begin to create new sections and new services for our clients.


We are currently in the process of adding over 200 self catering holiday rental accommodation at prime locations across the UK with our core theme in mind…. Accommodation with a beach or Seaview!

So even though at the time of releasing this announcement we’ve probably only made live 20 or so of the 200 properties we think it’s important to let our clients know that we are already filtering dog friendly self catering accommodation around the UK to make your search so much easier, for when you decide to take your dog or puppy on holiday with you.

We have realised that a few years ago if you wanted dog friendly self catering accommodation anywhere in Great Britain then you pretty much would have been restricted to camping and campsites where dogs are welcome. During our listing process it is actually genuinely surprised us not only the number of dog friendly self catering properties available, but also the quality, the location and even the price makes a great alternative to a hotel break in the UK.

We’ve made searching for your self catering accommodation for you and your pet very easy. Just click dog friendly self catering from this article and this will show you a filtered selection of all accommodation currently available on our website that is suitable for dogs and animals and of course yourself! As this is work in progress please bookmark the page and return to it to see all the property rentals that we have available for you as they are added in the future.


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