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Cheap Hotel Breaks using Low Cost Airlines

Cheap Hotel  Breaks using Low Cost Airlines

Do you ever get that fed up feeling, where you just need to check out (or check in as the case may be)?
Ever thought I just need a cheap weekend away and want to experience some continental cuisine, some cheap alcoholic beverages and even bring back some Duty Free Christmas presents?
Then go and do it now! It’s really easy and can be very cheap. If you stack it all up correctly.
You may have read the latest news about Skyscanner being bought out. This is testament to the way the airline industry operates. For those of you who don’t know, Skyscanner .net searches the best flights from many airlines including budget and low cost airlines.
That’s half the art is to find a cheap flight. If you’re flying from the UK don’t be afraid to look at connecting onward flights from Frankfurt to take you to sunnier destinations.
So let’s take an example from today:-
I have searched for a flight leaving LGW (London Gatwick) to everywhere departing to Nice (NCE) on Friday 2nd December and returning on Sunday 4th December and I have deals from British Airways at £65 and EasyJet at £68 – so not bad but if I do the same search for CHEAP FLIGHTS (https://beachesandsea.com/flights/) on Beaches and Sea. My British Airways flight is now £66 ….. cha ching there is a £2 saving right there by using a different flight search website. So it would prove that the biggest more well known websites are not always the best.
So now we need to find a low cost hotel in Nice. I have made the search for you and if you click here you will be taken to CHEAP HOTELS in NICE (http://hotel.beachesandsea.com/Hotels/Search?destination=place%3ANice&resultID=0&languageCode=EN&checkin=2016-12-02&checkout=2016-12-04&Rooms=1&adults_1=1#destination=place:Nice&radius=0mi&checkin=2016-12-02&checkout=2016-12-04&Rooms=1&adults_1=1&pageSize=15&pageIndex=0&sort=MinRate-asc&showSoldOut=false&scroll=0&HotelID=&mapState=expanded%3D0)
At the time of writing this they are coming up at £22 for 2 nights – yep £22 for 2 nights. Okay it’s not going to be a palace but it is somewhere to sleep and rest while you explore Nice. Most of the cheaper end prices are hostels in Nice, but you may also find a cheap hotel in Nice that doesn’t blow the budget.
So for less than £100 you have a cheap weekend getaway to France! Remember no hassle with Ferries or Fuel just jump on the plane and go!
Now the other thing you need to be mindful of is trying to keep your luggage costs down, so only travel with hand luggage and take minimal clothes..leaving plenty of space for the presents you buy in France.
If you take into account that British Airways will allow 23kg of hand luggage and EasyJet has no restrictions on weight then if you pack your hand luggage sensibly you will have plenty of space for clothes and gifts.
Obviously, this is just one example of how to find cheap flights and a cheap hotel and for this example using live data France, Nice, EasyJet and British Airways are all viable options, but if you have destination in mind, always research on the bigger websites and then come back to the lesser known ones like Beaches and Sea to grab the occasional bargain that’s if you haven’t spent too Much on Black Friday and Cyber Monday yet!

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